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"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh Donna...

Here is a random bit of information: I have started the new semester andI have come across the 8th high school student in 2 years to tell me that I remind them of Donna from That 70's Show. They claim it is my voice, my personality and my manerisms. I don't really see it. I like Donna and I think she is funny/pretty so I will take the compliment, but it has me thinking.

Over the years I have been told at least 20 seperate times that I remind someone of their sister, best friend, cousin, chick they went to school with, boss or aunt. I have also been told I remind them of Jodi Foster, Teri Polo (Meet the Parents) and Gweneth Paltrow- I all of those both ridiculous and extremely flattering.

I wonder, what is it about me that makes so many people think of someone else. Do I have such a universal look and personality that I could be anyone OR do I just make people feel comfortable enough that they feel like they already know me. It is weird and I really wonder if other people get the "do you know who you remind of...." or "do you have a sister named 'so and so' because you look so much alike".



Turtle Parade said...

I think we all get it now and again...and we all give it!

Think of all the billions of people on this earth...we're bound to resemble someone!

coqui said...

you are probably hot, i guess people, specially guys will trick themselves into thinking that you resemble someone when you really do not. At least thats what I have found myself to do.

Talia said...
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