Quote of the Moment

"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, August 20, 2007

Halloween and Motherhood

I LOVE Halloween. It is and always has been my favorite holiday. I have always dressed up and I am bummed that I will be too pregnant to throw a party this year (read up on my cross dressing dog). Even if I go early, my baby will be no more than a week old on Halloween so my plans will not go into action until Halloween 08'. But I have them.

For next year I am already going to commit to this adorable costume. I am so ready to be the mom that shows up in full costume and walks the kids to each house. I will probably "pretend" that I am holding my bag for a smaller child...ahhh free candy.

Peter the Poodle has Found His Costume

I may get this costume for my dog. I am as big as a house and I love Halloween so I think someone has to represent this season. Would I be damaging my male dog if I force him to cross dress?

Two and a half Months...

As the summer ends I have two and a half months left IF I go 40 weeks ( I am crossing my fingers for October 31st). At this point I feel like I will never give birth, but once school starts back up I have a feeling it might actually get here a lot faster than I realize-good!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Post Secret Mini Movie and Book...

I am still addicted. The new book is out and there is a new mini movie on the blog. I check it every Sunday and this week is full (as always) of touching stuff.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Have Been Told it is Today's Kids Grease...

I don't know what possessed him to leave it on, but after channel surfing for quite some time (my very large and 31 years old) husband stopped at the Disney Channel and High School Musical had just started. We sat and watched the entire thing! This event occured a few weeks ago.

Though I blush when I publicly admit this, I found it actually very entertaining. It is only recently that I let it slip out that we watched the entire movie, and to my surprise a room full of sane adults aged 21-50 said they too had secretly watched the movie and thought it reminded them of Grease.

I traditionally use being a high school teacher as an excuse for "researching" immature and teen related fads, that is purely why I watch a crap load of MTV (can the Hills be any more addicting?). This excuse makes me feel less guilty about watching mindless things and it makes me look like I care about my job (which I do and it actually helps to know what is going on in their worlds), but I honestly am entertained by the same things 14-19 year olds enjoy.

None the less, I can now say that I no longer role my eyes when I pass the High School Musical t-shirts in the windows of Limited Too, and I really want to see the remake of Hairspray (dreamy Zak Efron is staring as Link). My question is, if I am this susceptible to teen movies...what the heck is going to happen to me when I have this baby? I swear right now I will never watch Hanna Montana (though it is scary that I even know that it exists!)

And a pathetic P.S.- High School Musical 2 premieres Friday August 17th

Friday, August 03, 2007

Let's Dish!...the verdict

Let's Dish! was great! We both had a lot of fun and because we signed up for a lunch time slot we had lunch prepared for us for free. It was a great balsamic and pesto pizza.

Along with our main dishes we also got to pick from prepped side dishes, I am excited to heat up the Parmesan string beans tonight and I think the almond glazed asparagus sounds great for Sunday evening. I think what I like best (besides seeing Ryan in an apron and smiling) was portion control. The dishes are so healthy and it is nice to actually portion out our food. We are both looking forward to the Septembers menu (we still have money on the gift card too!!!) and trying this again.

In all, I rate this experience as a fun afternoon with my husband and a nice way to shock myself back into cooking. I get lazy during the summer and it is a nice transition...especially since I do not have to clean anything up or do the prep work ( I HATE to chop onion or garlic!)

Word on the street (the street is the cute older couple that was there the same time as us) is that there is a similar sort of shop going into Levis Commons in Perrysburg. I will have to do a little research on that one.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Trying out the "Let's Dish!"

For Christmas my mother-in-law got my husband and me a gift certificate for this newer little place to the area called Let's Dish! The concept is pretty cool, you go online, schedule a time, pick out your pre-determined menu and then register/pay. At the scheduled appointment you get to put together all the yummy meals you picked out, take them home, and freeze them until you are ready to devour them.

It seemed like a perfect gift that was originally intended to help out during the winter months while I coached basketball and Ry and I were never together to make dinner. Well, almost 8 months later and we have finally made our appointment and we are going tomorrow afternoon! I am excited and a little apprehensive. This could be awesome and a great (not to mention affordable-the meals price out to about $3.44 a serving) time saver or it could be a hot mess.

I will keep everyone posted!