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-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Have Been Told it is Today's Kids Grease...

I don't know what possessed him to leave it on, but after channel surfing for quite some time (my very large and 31 years old) husband stopped at the Disney Channel and High School Musical had just started. We sat and watched the entire thing! This event occured a few weeks ago.

Though I blush when I publicly admit this, I found it actually very entertaining. It is only recently that I let it slip out that we watched the entire movie, and to my surprise a room full of sane adults aged 21-50 said they too had secretly watched the movie and thought it reminded them of Grease.

I traditionally use being a high school teacher as an excuse for "researching" immature and teen related fads, that is purely why I watch a crap load of MTV (can the Hills be any more addicting?). This excuse makes me feel less guilty about watching mindless things and it makes me look like I care about my job (which I do and it actually helps to know what is going on in their worlds), but I honestly am entertained by the same things 14-19 year olds enjoy.

None the less, I can now say that I no longer role my eyes when I pass the High School Musical t-shirts in the windows of Limited Too, and I really want to see the remake of Hairspray (dreamy Zak Efron is staring as Link). My question is, if I am this susceptible to teen movies...what the heck is going to happen to me when I have this baby? I swear right now I will never watch Hanna Montana (though it is scary that I even know that it exists!)

And a pathetic P.S.- High School Musical 2 premieres Friday August 17th


TLC said...

OK, I'll admit it...I watched it too. And enjoyed it. And am planning on watching HSM2 next Friday.

And once your baby arrives and is old enough to appreciate all the Disney Channel has to offer...you will become VERY good friends with all the shows! My 3 1/2 year old has just started watching Hannah Montana, etc.

They are so corny, yet they suck you in!

Iris Took said...

I have yet to watch it. My little cousins are totally obsessed with it and my aunt claims it is tremendous.

mindybee said...

Much to my dismay...I randomly find HSM songs stuck in my head. My son is going on 7 and idolizes Corbin Blue (the kid with the crazy curly fro.)Trying to remain the cool mom I am, I have been trying to teach him that singing and dancing can be cool for boys while showing examples (ie Channing Tatum, So You Think You Can Dance?) and praying he never wants to take ballet.
Also...I can QUOTE Hanna Montana because I think she is Christian's first crush. Thank you Dinsey Channel. Good times!