Quote of the Moment

"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Teaching "Intern"...Sounds Cooler than Student Teacher, Right?

I have a student teacher this semester. This is my first experince with mentoring a student teacher, I am willing to learn, ready to guide and sort of nervous. She is 21, adorable and VERY timid. My students are 17-18...akward. I love her as a person and she is a smart cookie, but she is so freaking young looking I often think she is one of the students. She has no strength in her delivery and in the wild-west known as high school she needs to grab them in quick and hold the reins all semester (sorry for the horrible analogy...cheesy I know). I don't worry about her professionalism, she is a great...but her face turns red when they ask her "do like to party", I thought she would die when someone asked her "do you have a boyfriend".

She is not on her own yet, the semester just started and I have been teaching and planning all but one block; she is still using my plans. The cord will be cut in full next week. Yikes.

I have a hard time setting my students free, they are like my fake kids. I struggled with two maternity leaves...this will be an adventure. I don't think she will be bad, it is just touch and go on whether they will chew her up, spit her out and then set her on fire. She has to learn, right?

At least she hasn't been actually asked out or sexually harrassed yet, I can already see the boys are drooling over her. I will repeat...Yikes. I will be sure to write updates.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ms. MacGyver to You

 Sit and spin as a table, Capri Sun box as a stunning hat and string cheese as a crayon...this kid can turn anything into a functional tool that will meet her momentary demand. I walked into the living room for this one last week, she looked at me and said "sit mama, sit and eat". She is a thinker that one.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beyonce Jane

Miss Baylor Jane loves singing "Single Ladies" lately. I blame The Chipettes. It is funny and I've commented on it a few time over Facebook.

Well the bear took it to a whole new level this weekend. Wearing dress-up heels and nothing but a onesie, my girl was rocking out Beyonce style. It was glorious. I really need a Flip, this kid is tossing out gold lately.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Playing Stay-at-Home Mommy

I have always dreamed of staying at home with my kids full time. It is not going to happen, I HAVE to work for us to survive. I am working on coming to terms with that and I know that I am trying to be the best mommy I am created to be.

What I do love is long weekends and breaks. I get to "pretend" my only job is being mommy and I cherish it.

What I realized today...if I was a full-time SAHM I would be rail thin and maybe a more avid wine drinker.

Up and down the stairs, all around the house. I never sat down this weekend. Never. Today seemed extra crazy for some reason. Baylor was exceptionally wild.

I lost the rest of my two years and two babies worth of weight after an action packed summer off of -it came off  surprisingly quick. I chalked it up to my body getting back to normal, but then I realized it was from chasing after the girls for three months.

They wear me out. Anyhow, I love it and I wish I had more days at home with them. I am already looking forward to spring break and I can't wait for summer. My girls are certainly gifted with energy and imagination. I am not sure if I ever thought I would have low key children but, these ladies love to explore, ask a million and one questions and talk to everyone and anything they encounter.

When I take them grocery shopping with me I often think "hmmm, wouldn't it be nice if they just chilled out and walked along with me". Not a chance. The only nice thing is that they never really beg for things...I can't stand a "gimmie, gimmie" kid.

What I realize is that the very things that sometime wear me down are the gifts that will make them very well adjusted, creative and innovative thinking young ladies.

I just keep reminding myself of that when Baylor is painting the walls with chocolate frosting while signing loudly and Addison (my barely 3-year-old) has called my mom on my cell phone "just to chat".

Sunday, January 16, 2011

MOPS...my mommy sorority

I am in love with my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. I had wanted to join a few years ago and then my church added an evening meeting group this year,  I was so excited to join. My first night I leaned over to my table leader and whispered "this is like a sorority for mommies". It is fantastic.

Anyhow, I was thinking about fellowship today and community and I really enjoy the company of the mothers in my group. It is just wonderful to have the support and the topics at our meetings are always enjoyable.

I am thankful to be a part of it. I look forward to growing in faith and friendship with the ladies at the red table and the rest of the mommies in our little 6-8:40 "night out".

If you are unfamiliar with MOPS you should check it out and see if there is a group in your area.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dispicable Me, Thank you

I am now watching Despicable Me for the 15th time since Christmas...it has not gotten old. In fact, I really want the soundtrack. Good lesson, amusing plot, hilarious voices (I heart Steve Carell) and Pharrell in charge of the soundtrack is pretty sweet too.

If you are a parent, or someone around children often, you will totally understand the joy of finding a children's movie that entertains you as much as them. We once had a two week run where Addison was obsessed with Alvin and The Chipmunks:The Squeakuel. I don't want to talk about that very dark period in my life. I can still hear "Single Ladies", as sung by the Chipettes, in my dreams and it gives me the chills.

Needless to say I am very thankful for Despicable Me.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I Did it! I Did it!

     In the words of Ms. Dora El Explorer "I did it". I have wanted to hang this niffty display up in the girls room for easily 7 months.
     The amount of art work Addison makes is out of control and there has not been a proper way to display it other than the fridge for quite some time. The kid is a non-stop craft machine. She loves to color, which is cool because Baylor Jane loves to eat crayons. Such a team.
     Anyhow, I got this simple idea and then kept forgetting to buy the supplies. Then I remembered to buy them over the holidays, but kept forgetting to hang it up. Finally, I got motivated and learned we were out of nails.
     Almost a year later...Ta da!!!

I am proud. Not so much of my artistic talent, simply that I can cross something off of my "to do" list.

Addison loves to say good night to each of her "masterpieces". It is odd, but sweet at the same time.
Slowly but surely people, total organization is near.

Get a Hobby!

I have never had a real hobby. No, really. I like to run, I love basketball and most sports in general...I just never have had a real honest to goodness "hobby".

Now I do! Yay for me, right? I am positive that I am the only person that cares about this new hobby, though Addison is excited to be a "posing model"

I finally got the camera of my dreams and I am in love!

I am also going a bit nuts-o. I have been taking shots like crazy, reading up when I should be grading and asking professionals a million questions.

I have a new lens on the way (50 mm 1.4) and my new Photoshop Elements 9 should be installed by the weekend (can't guarantee I will have any idea how to use it  any time soon).

Here is my first and fav shot of Addison. There is a small problem, the worlds most annoying shoe. Somehow, Ryan's shoe snuck its way into a least 15 shots. I have a lot to learn.

She is really into tights with boots these days. She is my little fashion girl. It is nature not nurture with this one!
I have a ridiculous amount of Baylor Jane too, but the kid has had the constant runny nose. I have way more shots of that kids snot than I will ever need and I am not ready to share her cold with the public:)

I think the best part of having a hobby, especially one that my girls think is entertaining, is that I feel creative again. With the exception of little art projects around the house and stuff at school I feel so boring. This is actually a chance to awaken the artsy-schmartsy me that has been dormant for quite some time.

I think I really have found a way to freeze my baby girls in time...sort of.