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-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Teaching "Intern"...Sounds Cooler than Student Teacher, Right?

I have a student teacher this semester. This is my first experince with mentoring a student teacher, I am willing to learn, ready to guide and sort of nervous. She is 21, adorable and VERY timid. My students are 17-18...akward. I love her as a person and she is a smart cookie, but she is so freaking young looking I often think she is one of the students. She has no strength in her delivery and in the wild-west known as high school she needs to grab them in quick and hold the reins all semester (sorry for the horrible analogy...cheesy I know). I don't worry about her professionalism, she is a great...but her face turns red when they ask her "do like to party", I thought she would die when someone asked her "do you have a boyfriend".

She is not on her own yet, the semester just started and I have been teaching and planning all but one block; she is still using my plans. The cord will be cut in full next week. Yikes.

I have a hard time setting my students free, they are like my fake kids. I struggled with two maternity leaves...this will be an adventure. I don't think she will be bad, it is just touch and go on whether they will chew her up, spit her out and then set her on fire. She has to learn, right?

At least she hasn't been actually asked out or sexually harrassed yet, I can already see the boys are drooling over her. I will repeat...Yikes. I will be sure to write updates.

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Jessica said...

O boy, that sounds like trouble! lol I remember subbing for the secretaries at Whitmer and the police officers would always stop me in the hall and ask for my ID. So I feel her pain.
Can't wait for the updates. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all works out well!