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"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why is this on CNN?

Now I enjoy the sick secret entertainment that I receive from the lives of famous people. I act rather pious and pretend I am above it, but I flip through People and watch E! like a decent portion of celeb addicted Americans. It is a cheap and harmless escape from my boring life and I know where to look for my fix.

Yet, I have been wondering why the hell has CNN started covering the death of Anna Nicole and Brit's new breakdown like it is fast breaking news is Iraq? Seriously, I never imagined I would hear Wolf Blitzen speak of Britney Spears seriously or Anna Nicole Smith casually. Odd, and perhaps a great let down for hard news. Last time I checked there has been some "serious" stuff going down in the world (we are still at war right?) and somehow it seems (insert sarcastic tone) slightly odd to be this concerned with what sort of rehab facility Brit is in or who will get baby Danilynn. I am going to scratch my head on this one for awhile.


wrestling kitties said...

I 100% agree that these things should not be on CNN and stuff. Maybe if they find out it was murder with Anna or there are some surprising legal issues - maybe....but it shouldn't be on a daily basis AND dear old Brit defiantly should not be on!

However, I haven't taken the news seriously for sometime. I don't like the most of the people in the media and I just don't like the media in general! Plus, I bet the media is just tired of "reporting" on the war...it has been like 6 years now and most of the time they don't tell me the real news anyways.

P.S. I wonder what these news people are thinking when they have to report celebrity gossip like this?!?!?! kicking themselves perhaps! haha

Keather said...

I always think that too. The best are the sports commentators that get stuck covering donkey basketball or men's figure skating...they have got to be saying to themselves "what the hell am I doing?"