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-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm Gonna Do It...I'm Running in a Marathon!

Yup, since I was about 14 I've wanted to run a marathon. I promised myself when I got pregnant with Addison that I would run one. Then I got pregnant with Baylor. Then I stayed busy and "lumpy". Now, I'm going to do it!

I've had a lot of focus lately and when the Lord wants things to fall into place they do quite nicely. I work in a amazing school district ran by man and I call quite a few truly remarkable human beings my colleagues. Together we are all working on training for the Chicago Marathon in October. This is the support I really need to reach my goal.

I really need to ease myself back into running and shed quite a few pounds to take the pressure off of my joints, I will certainly be writing about my journey. Basketball season ends Feb. 11 and I am very excited for this new adventure. Heavy training starts around June, but I want to run in a 5K on Valentines day and quite a few 5Ks in prior to the summer.

Most of all I think it will be really nice to have something that is just for me. Being a mom has really taken an element of "individual attention" away from myself and I think getting back to "me" in a healthy way will help my focus and regain my long gone body confidence.

I keep telling myself that "you gave birth to two very large babies with out an epidural, a marathon is nothing". I kind of joke about it, but I did prepare for labor with hypno-birthing and lots of breathing/focus techniques. We shall see...

I am so excited for the adventure. I feel such a positive energy from so much of the changes my family and I have been going through and I can't wait to start posting about my progress.

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alexa said...

Congrats on the marathon. Its always great to reach a goal & it will be more fun when you have people that are doing it with you!