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-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Portrait Innovations...More Like Portrait Pain in the Butt.

Grandma Steer wanted pictures of the girls-her treat, so we went for pictures.

Four packs of fruit snacks, Addison "almost" popping into another families photos, Baylor running in circles and a sweaty mommy later and I have decided that we are officially sticking to our girl Nicole Stover. No more studio stuff.
Running around outside is WWWWAAAAYYYY easier than studio B.S. I was never a huge fan of the studios, but they are cheap if you have self control...which I did not have the first two times I went when Addison was born. 200.00 later I have envelopes of wallets and 5x8 that I have no use for.
Anyhow, I love Nicole's work and I think I am making her the official Steer family photographer. I figure, if I can't afford the shots we don't need them.

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Sarah said...

I feel the same way...not that I've attempted studio photos with a kid yet, but having someone come to you, or meet at a park or wherever seems much more do-able.

We had Sarah J over when Joss was 2 wks old for some newborn pics. I figure she'll be invited back yearly! And since we can purchase a disc of all the pics and the rights to them for what I believe is quite a good price, we can then just order prints we want for much cheaper - and order them whenever, today or next year.

I totally think these photographers are worth it. Financially and emotionally! :)