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"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sarah Got Me...Three Things Meme

Mrs. Turtle got me, here I go...

Three things that scare me: The Government, Alzheimers, Me
Three people who make me laugh: My husband, My brother, Nick Swardson
Three things I love: Sleep, Fresh cut delphinium, A good book
Three things I hate: Ignorance, Sometimes my hometown, People who refuse to see life beyond there front door.
Three things I don't understand: Social class (why do have so much REALLY poor and REALLY rich?), Cheerleaders (do the teams really play better with them there?), hate
Three things on my desk: A picture of my husband, My printer, A pile of paid bills waiting to be filed.
Three things I'm doing right now: Watching football (Go Irish!), Procrastinating, Drinking water
Three things I want to do before I die: Raise well- rounded children, Run a marathon, Write a book
Three things I can do: Love, Paint, Talk
Three things I can't do: Stop talking, (at the moment) Have Children, Play Sing
Three things you should listen to:My mom, My gut, My heart
Three things you should never listen to: My sister-in-law, Negative co-workers, Pat O'Brien
Three things I'd like to learn: How to flip houses, How to say no, How to relax
Three favorite foods: Pierogi, Chicken and cheese stuffed breadsticks from Pollyeyes, A nice turkey sandwich with lots of pickles and mustard
Three beverages I drink regularly: Water, Skim milk, Water
Three TV shows I watched as a kid: The Monkees (reruns on Nick at Night), Quantum Leap, Full House

I now officially tag...
Roonie: I know you will have fabulous answers
Two Pretzels: I love your stories
Malissa: You always have something interesting to say


Roonie said...

I shall work on this!

Roonie said...

Both you and Sarah and not understanding cheerleading!

Sudiegirl said...

I'm not sure about cheerleaders assisting in victory either. Furthermore, pep band members are usually subjected to ridicule by jocks unless there's a championship at stake. Sadly, sometimes band members had the best weed so maybe it was a jealousy thing?

Oh...and at many small midwestern high schools, it is a scientific fact that cheerleaders break out in hives if they are forced to count on the off beats (i.e. 2 and 4).

Just thought I'd mention that one too.

Keather said...

Roonie, I love my cheerleader buddies. But as an athlete, and maybe this is because I played girls sports and no one ever came to our games, I know that cheerleaders did not make me want to play better. Now that I am at a high school that does hard core tumbling I sort of get that, but I just dont see the power of cheer.
Perhaps men really do need women to support them even in athletic competition:) I sure know I survived years of competion with out a treat bag or elaborate scrapbook.

Roonie said...

Perhaps men really do need women to support them even in athletic competition

You know, out of all the years that I was a cheerleader, and being the feminist that I am, I never once thought that I was "doing it for the guys." I did it for myself; it was fun to hone my art skills in signmaking and dance around being silly. I never ever thought about it being for anyone else but myself. I know that sounds impossible, and maybe sarcastic, but I swear - I never thought about cheerleading being anything but what I liked to do for ME. You know I don't take very well to support roles!

Keather said...

Yeah, why is it that in high school kids are made fun of because they are in the band but people act like OSU's band is the most remarkable feat in the world. My husband has never missed Michigans band and he plays their CD's all day every game day and seriously, has anyone every watched the BET Southern Classic? It is the most amazing musical competition and the fans go stinking nuts! It is wierd that the persona changes when you hit the college. Wierd