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"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Unnyfay Hitsay! The Comedy Block Delivered!

I was looking forward to tonight's trio of hilarity all day long and I think I may have peed my pants a bit with anticipation. Milk did not come out my nose, but I think I pulled a stomach muscle from laughing so hard. What I am trying to explain is my excitement for My Name is Earl, The Office and Scrubs!

From 8pm-9:30 I never stopped laughing. Earl produced a gambling addiction driven around rooster poop and African election results, I had to close my eyes while watching The Office because I get so embarrassed for Michael and JD did not let me down on Scrubs. Now I am going to crawl into bed and drift to sleep with a much needed smile.

I think that Thursday nights will now officially be the late week energy booster I have been searching for. I'm sad about missing Grey's, but I'll just check Mrs. Turtle for the update and I will be a very happy lady! Am I the only one that finds goofy guys like Jim from The Office and Zach Braff from Scrubs very, very attractive? I am pretty sure the most attractive quality in a man is a sense of humor, of course I tell my husband it is his rock hard abs:)

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wrestling kitties said...

I agree - it was a GREAT night of comedy!!! These shows crack me up and it was so good to see a new episode of scrubs on TV after what seemed like being gone for forever! (However - not a fan of Perry's hair!)
I also agree that Zack is very attractive - he is on my top 5 list! So sexy!

I was totally embarrassed with michael when he did that "prisoner mike" bit! I can't believe the things his character says - it is awesome!

I could go one forever - what a fun night of TV!!! I love sitcoms!