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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sports Journalism is no longer journalism until they get the ego-inflated unskilled former athletes off the air

Yeah, I said it. I am sick of former athletes dominating professional sports journalism and not doing their job. A REAL journalist does not reveal their personal favorites, the do not act as PR reps for their former or favorite teams-unprofessional! They report the facts and use logic and stats to create entertaining and informative segments. So called "sports journalists" need to get out of the studio and allow the average Joes that have spent years studying sports and the craft of journalism have jobs. Certainly former college and professional athletes are not hard up for cash.

*This is by no means a OSU v. Michigan rivalry rant. It is an honest opinion that I actually felt inspired to write about after watching an NFL highlight segment on ESPN followed by side bar piece in Sports Illustrated*


Anonymous said...

I think you need to watch Game Day. Herbstreit does not play favorites on that show. He's been nothing but supportive of Michigan this entire season.

His comments came on a COLUMBUS radio program. (at least that's my understanding...I'll admit I could be wrong).

I find it very hilarious, too, that I've heard nearly ever Michigan fan I know bitch about Breaston at least once this year, and now when someone else does it arms go-a-flailing.

In any case. Has no one heard Herbstreit praising Michigan all year? Did you not hear him argue that their rankings were shit until they got up to #2, where he thought they should be.

Settle down people. Herbstreit is good at his job. And, personally, I see nothing wrong with reporters having a favorite. They're not calling the game, so why does it matter? Hit mute, or watch something else if you don't want to hear their comments.

This is exactly why Moe's errupts...dumb, unfounded, biased comments. From both sides.

Keather said...

Once again, I made the mistake of using examples. Everytime I do that people see the example versus the problem. And for the record I did wathc Game Day and I had mute off the moment I heard Herbstreits comment.

You are correct about Herbstreit, for the most part, he is not really the best example I could have used. It is the bigger picture of sports journalism that is the problem.
As someone who written for a newspaper, dated a sports writer, lived with sportsbroadcasting majors, and has a very good friend who currently works for ESPN I am not the only one who has this opinion on the downslide of journalism.

This is certainly not intended to be a Michigan v. Ohio State issue, I am simply commenting on the said habit of biased writing and production. I am sort of insulted that you read into the way that you did and I really feel hurt you lumped me into the Moe's crew. I am very sorry you couldnt see my words for more than a silly football grudge. I will certainly omit the Herbstreit comment to keep from anymore confusion.

Anonymous said...

For the big picture, I have to agree with you that too many atheletes seem to think they'd make good sports journalists. But, the example you picked was a bad one, because he truly is a good reporter. (he has been nominated for an Emmy...)

And as far as turning it into and OSU/Michigan thing, I appologize, but that is what everyone else is doing. It seems to be the main arguement here. And if you look deeper into it, what Herbstreit actually said is that he is suprised at how Carr is making Breaston's talent worthless, that he thought [previously] Breaston would be one of the best players around....not that Breaston himself is worthless.

And...as far as the Moe's thing goes, I do know that you are not the "major" or even a big part of that...but, taking things out of context is. And you yourself have done that...to me (or Ry actually) on this whole OSU/Michigan crap. You generalized Ry into that catagory...which is everything I hate about Moe's during football season.

Keather said...

Sarah, I'm good. This is so not a big deal and I feel bad even making a debate out of something we half agree on. I clearly overstated myself on Herbstreit, I can't help it he just bugs me, it's nothing personal it is just a personal opinion. Hell, Oprah bugs me (which I am sure a million people will get on my case for shortly)and she is a respectable and talented journalist, I just don't agree with some of the things she does. I am sure that makes me unAmerican.

Honestly, I love Michigan and I love football but I love the bigger picture of life much more. I think this time of year is fun and rivalry is healthy but, these kids are 18-22 years old trying to play some ball, why do people get so crazy?

Also, I am still confused, how did I bring Ry into this?

"And...as far as the Moe's thing goes, I do know that you are not the "major" or even a big part of that...but, taking things out of context is. And you yourself have done that...to me (or Ry actually) on this whole OSU/Michigan crap. You generalized Ry into that catagory...which is everything I hate about Moe's during football season."

You brought up Moe's in your original comment and I just assumed you ment Billy Wainwright, Wade or the old creepy guys that yell from the rail. I haven't even been to Moe's in the last two months and I certainly can't recall being in the middle of a erruption anytime in the last two years. I haven't even been out of my house socially for what seems like months. I can't find in a single post or comment where I intended to generalize your husband or degrade any of our OSU fans for that matter. I don't even like to generalize my own husband who is certainly NOT and angel this time of year. I am sure he has said random stuff, I may not have said whatever he says when I am not around but he makes his own choices. I speak for myself.
I love you Sarah. I am glad you ate cheese and didn't choke and I am glad you are very passionate about your opinions. I have just learned that on my blog I am sticking to cheesy clips from youtube and silly cartoons. If I posted half of what I thought actually controversial I'm sure I would never get any work done:) I never thought a blog on Reese Witherspoon or football could catch me so much gruff. I hope you have a wonderful week and I am signing off on this unneeded drama.

Anonymous said...

Hang on, don't sign off yet.

Nothing I have said is intended to be mean. It is just a debate. And that's all I intend it to be. I in no way am taking this outside of the blogosphere, I have in no way changed my opinion of you. All this is is a heated online discussion. (I love a little heat now and then...)

As for the Moe's thing...it was a comment you made. I was never mad about it. My Ryan made a stupid Ohio State comment (which we all know he normally doesn't do - he's never been one to throw shit like that into people's faces). You responded with a general "All Ohio State fans are such assholes" or something of the like. That type of generalization bothers me, especially in response to someone who was joking :)

Not a big deal about any of this. I am not, nor have I ever been, someone to take things seriously or to hold grudges. I just like to argue. So, maybe I should appologize. I am appologizing.

You are right, I do get very passionate about my opinions, but I have never disrespected someone for their own. I might and often do challenge people, but that's it.
Just a challenge.

Happy Monday...I'm sure I'll see you Saturday. (with open arms)

Anonymous said...

I would like to add, this type of discussion is what makes blogging fun to me.

Please don't stop...it definitely gets people thinking, it gets juices flowing. Debate is good.

I enjoy it.

Roonie said...

Oh. My. God.