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"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5 Random Things...

I'm a copycat for sure, but this just seemed too fun.

1. When I was nine my dad won a contest on the radio that allowed me to be a clown in the Ringling Brothers Circus at the Toledo Sports Arena. It was petrifying. I was a "Mexican Clown" in a horribly racist sombrero and maracas and we were supposed to run around shoot guns in the air. Horrible.

2. My husband and I watched 2 seasons of 24 in 2 days. It was over Christmas break and we kept trying to stop, but we were so hooked.

3. My junior year of college I went on a blind date with a guy from NYC who bragged that he once went on a date with Natalie Portman. He told me the details about his entire date, it had not gone as well as he had planned. He also happened to be easily 6 inches shorter than me. At the end of the date he tried to kiss me and insisted that he could be Tom Cruise and I would be his Nicole Kidman. Never the less, I did not answer his call for a second date.

4. I absolutely LOVE the grilled cheese sandwiches at Toledo Hospital. I ate at least one a day each time I had a baby. My husband had to go to the hospital with chest pains and while we waited hours for his test results I ran over to the cafeteria. (He was fine, I'm not a horrible wife) They are just so good.

5. I am beginning to like the Disney Channel more than any other channel. I find myself watching it when there are no children in sight. Its pathetic I know, but it grows on you. I never dreamed I would laugh at Hanna Montana...pathetic.

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