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"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Day After...

Well, I was honored to participate in The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure yesterday and a day later I am still reflecting on the power of the day. As I ran (43 rd out of 95 in my age group...not too shabby for one week of training and 25+ pounds heavier than the last time I ran race) I was brought to tears by the power of those who have survived and moved by the beautiful memorials for those who lost their battle.

As I looked around before the race I thought about the people wearing "in memory" signs on their backs. It occurred to me that I did not personally and intimately know a single woman ravaged by breast cancer. This was so amazing to me. At that moment I realized that I was running the race for those I loved who have not been touched and those loved by others already have.

The Susan G. Koman Foundation was founded by the sister of a woman who fell to the disease. The love of this sister has raised millions of dollars for the cause in the sake of her sister and as I ran yesterday with my own sister and felt closer to her than I have in months. I simply do not know what I would do if anything happened to either of my sisters.

Perhaps the most poignant part of my run was following a ten year old girl who simply had "my mommy" pinned to her back. I later was caught behind a woman in a pink shirt (these were worn by survivors) with over seventeen names pinned to her shirt and I reflected on how hard it must be to win the battle again breast cancer but then see so many of your friends fall as you heal. At the conclusion of the race over six hundred survivors formed a large ribbon on 5/3 field. Just a day after the Mud Hens won their second Governor's Cup a more important victory was celebrated in rightfully. There is hope. These strong women proved the perseverance of love and strength in humanity.

What a great weekend!


Roonie said...

Things like this make me really miss Toledo

sarah said...

Congrats Keather...you make me proud!

malissa said...

awesome, and congrats on running and finishing and letting it touch your life (in a way that i'm sure it was intended to)!