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-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not a Fan of the Winner, But This Show Still Rocks!

I am simply in awe at the showcase of talent found on RockStar:Supernova. The last few months has been full of amazing artists that showcased original work and performed covers that I think were better than the originals. I am sad the weird guy Lukas won,but my favorites Dilana and Toby were in the final three. I am seriously going to burn a "best of" CD. If you favor rock over sugary pop "Idol" stuff, this show was worth it. Can't wait until next season.

Creepy winner-Lukas

Dilana and Toby...either of these two should have won. The good thing is if this show is anything like American Idol their careers will be better than the actually winner.


Sarah said...

uck...I was not a fan of Dilana (0r Lukas for that matter).

I really liked Toby.

But really, I liked last season better.

As a fan of Metallica - I find it so absurd that Jason Newsted is doing this. This is a joke. Add Motley Crue, Guns'n'Roses...this is awful. These are really tallented people forming a bullshit band. (Which, by the way, is not "Supernova" anymore because they got sued and lost). They acted like morons though this entire show. And if I was in any of these formerly named bands with these people, I would be thoroughly embarrased.

Roonie said...

Never heard of this show. I'm really out of touch with pop culture.

wrestling kitties said...

I loved this show as well!!! Being a fan of rock I am very happy to see something more my style than American Idol on TV and they don't have to do that other BS, just sing!

I wasn't a big fan of Supernova or whatever they are called now - just a weird combo to me and they just didn't act "cool". I didn't like Lukas at all - he annoyed me. Dilana (without her giant chin jewelry) and Toby were my top picks as well - I love women who can actually hold their own and rock!

Oh, I do have to say that I prefered last years winner but this years singers were better. What I didn't like was all the damn Nirvana they sang this year! I love Nirvana, but they must have sang at least one of their songs every week - if not more! Find new songs to sing for next year!!!