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"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Three Amigos

I have never been really shy about going in public alone with the girls and they are a challange to balance since they both walk ( run and explore the heck out of EVERYTHING is more adequate), but I have been logical and cautious as to where one person can take two little persons with lots of energy and immagination. The majority of the time I have my co-pilot Ryan and we have such a system it is sort of impressive. I didn't realize how good it was until he wasnt around and I was standing around waiting and confused for someone to hand me the backpack or put on the girls shoes. Auto pilot is creepy.

With Ry's new job I now am the lone ranger from the hours of 2:30pm-sometimes 3:30am. I am pretty surprised that I have embraced this head on and I think it is really working for the girls too. We have adventured to more grocery stores, public pools, theaters, libraries and resturants than we have since Baylor has been born. I am still a little shaky on the "run" factor...Immagination Station was definetly only possible because my good friends shared the load and I mainly just worry about stranger danger.

I am not saying I am a fan of a zone defense, I much prefer man-to-man in coaching and in parenting, but I think it is actually causing the girls to behave better, rely on each other and grow trust.

My sweet little Addison is now very good at getting into the car, buckling her steat belt and then doing it all in reverse when we arrive. I am more than melecholy that she gets out on her own and shuts the door, but I certainly wished she could have done all these things when Baylor was first born. The anxiety and helplessness are still so fresh in my memory.

I also really love that she helps Baylor put her shoes on too. Once again, this is the girl that would climb book shelves while I was trying to nurse Baylor. Super Big Sis to the rescue.

Anyway, I hate that Ryan is at work and I will really hate when I am back to work full-time...but we are doing pretty darn good with this new arrangment. The oldest of four, my parents didnt take us out much. I have never blamed them for this, they werent insane:) I just like that I am now comfortable going on multi-kid adventures. I am not stating that I enjoy taking a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old to the grocery store. You suddenly realize how much crap the stores have hanging at toddler height AND Addison needed to go to the bathroom (any public restrooms are gross with kids). She was easy, distracting Baylor in the stall while Addison peed was the hard part!

It just feels nice to not feel stuck in the house because your usual teammate is at work.

We wanted our babies close for all the good reasons and we certainly were in denial enough not to be prepared for how hard it actually is. Every time you get comfortable with a stage of development they change. A prime example: Baylor learning to walk, that was a curve ball I should have seen coming. Not so nice when sweet baby isn't chilling in the stroller-that kid wants to RUN.

In all, today was another good day and I realized that as my babies are learning and growing as children I am doing the same as a mom. My reflex's are getting super strong and I think the eyes are starting to grow in the back of my head.

Everyday is a new day, I sort of wish they wrote one of those What to Expect books....What to Expect Each Morning You Wake Up A Mommy.

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