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"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"You'll be Okay"

Ryan's Aunt Jane died last week and yesterday we took the trip up to Ann Arbor for her memorial. It was nice for the whole family to come together to celebrate Aunt Jane.

She was a pioneer and an amazing women who loved all things living, her obit puts it all together beautifully.There is a crazy story though that I forgot to share:

The day before Aunt Jane died Ry's mom took the girls to visit Aunt Jane. She loved them and would send books to them and light up the moment they walked in the room. I mean her passion was working with small children, so it was an honor for me to have the girls around her last few years. I think they made her feel young again.

Anyhow, as they were leaving Wednesday night Addison turned for no reason and said casually to Aunt Jane "You'll be Okay". There was no prior conversation, no prompt-she just turned and said it. Aunt Jane passed in her sleep the next day.

I asked Addison about Aunt Jane the morning we found out and she said "mommy, Aunt Jane is in her old living room, shes sleeping for a while...she's going to relax for like a week." I was stunned. Aunt Jane moved out of her old house on the hill in Ann Arbor about 6 years ago...she loved that house and the living room. Weird.

Perhaps the most emotional part is that the Addison's story made it into the eulogy. In fact they closed with saying "Addison has it right, Jane and all of us will all be okay in the arms of Jesus". As you can imagine I sort of lost it.

Children have something so magical to them, I wish there was a way we could keep a hold of that and not loose it as adults.


Sarah said...

Wow Heather. So special.

Megan J said...

That's very special.

Heather said...

thanks guys, it feels pretty special. Kids just have something we lose as adults.