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-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 3= 29 Days till Michigan Football

The University of Michigan's football team kicks off their season exactly 29 days from today, at least that is what my husband started singing at 8 am this morning . I should be used to his excitement by now, this will be our fourth full season together and the amount of Michigan memorabilia and fanaticism has merged into one lovely amorphous ball of joy. I just usually get excited, oh say...on the first game day?!

Any of you who know my husband, or my in-laws, you may already realize that I had to first fall in love with Michigan before I could ever fall in love with Ryan. It is not a requirement it is just who he is and Michigan is pretty easy to fall in love with. In fact college football in general is pretty much my favorite time of year. Though I love my NCAA basketball, football has a feel that can't be beat. The early fall weather, the grills, the 7 am tailgating before a 3:30 kick off; it is fantastic. What is still amusing to me- in a shrug my shoulders roll my eyes kind of way- is how my husband turns into a twelve- year old boy exactly one month before the season starts.

It is like freakin Christmas. He makes these weird little noises that I think are giggles and than slaps his hands together and says "Ohhhh, 29 days I CAN'T WAIT!". Then his good friend Mikey the Ohio State fan will come over and they will talk prospects, it's like their annual pre-season pissing match.

I have decided in the spirit of my husbands excitement and my own love of Michigan football, I am going to create a construction paper chain with maize and blue paper. Ryan can rip off a link each morning just like we did as kids for Christmas. I am pretty sure this will only exacerbate his pre-season giddiness, but I will surely get some entertainment out of it. I can only imagine that as the madness I have grown fond of called college football sneaks around the corner I will have plenty of delightful stories. When you marry into a family that rents a tent, gets a band and pulls out the big screen TV for the Michigan v. Ohio State game you have so much to look forward too!

Go Blue!


Sarah said...

Lovely H! The preseason madness has begun in our house as well. The problem is, we get excited for two different teams. I will never convert...R seems to think he can make me, but no way.

And I too think that football season is the BEST sports season around. Not only is it during my favorite time of year, but it doesn't happen every stinkin' night...the holding out for the weekend makes it sooooo much better!

Katie said...

All I can say is, HAIL YES!!! I too love the Wolverines and can not wait for the season to begin, even if it means that my beloved summer must come to an end! I am always up for football fun on saturdays!! Go BLUE!!!

Roonie said...

You're such a good wife. I don't have those kinds of capabilities.