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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thank God, I Am Not the Only One That Thinks Cruise Sucks!

For the last two-three years I have been harboring a semi-secret hatred for Tom Cruise. Now, finally someone of power openly agrees that this man is rotten and it doesn't matter how hot or how good he was in Top Gun or A Few Good Men he must be stopped. I have sat patiently boycotting his last few releases waiting until the rest of America realized what a smug, self-righteous, pretentious fool Mr. Cruise really is.
In an article from The New York Times journalist Caryn James outlines the reason Celeb's stay popular and discusses what has been driving me mad for months.

Sumner Redstone, the 83-year-old chairman of Viacom, is old and cranky and enough of a loose cannon to have blurted out what ordinary people have been thinking for months, that Tom Cruise is out of control.
I'd like to say a big freaking Amen to Mr. Redstone! The article proceeds to discuss the crude attack of Brook Shields and the other belligerent behavior Loony Cruise has demonstrated for months. James goes on to say
The essence of Mr. Cruise's appeal going all the way back to Risky Business and on through crowd-pleasers like Jerry Maguire was a fresh-faced, unpretentious exuberance, a glee that practically leapt off the screen and that even worked in unlikely roles like the outraged, paraplegic Vietnam veteran in Born on the Fourth of July.
Ah, exactly.
And not to sound like the town gossip, but my mothers secretary's daughter (does that make sense?) best friend is Katie Holmes sister. Now the stories that have come from the best friend and the rest of the family can be elegantly summed up by saying he simply a douche bag. He refuses to let Katie come back to Toledo or associate with her family and friends unless he is present and until a few weeks ago her own siblings had not be awarded a peek at Suri.
So, take a check out this article and boo at me if you want, but I have issues with celebrities that think they are above us. I mean they make movies for God's sake, not cure cancer, fight in wars or change the world in any shape or form except by giving me something to procrastinate from my middle class existence and post a blog about.

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1 comment:

wrestling kitties said...

(First off - awesome picture, LOL!!)

I couldn't agree more!! I can not stand him for the past few years or more. The Brooke Shields comments were the topper. Where does he get off saying that stuff?!?! And to people in general, you can feel pasionate about your choices and opinions but that doesn't mean the rest of us our idiots for not feeling the same way!!!

Sorry Tom, you did this to yourself!!!