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"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, August 28, 2006

Margarita Malaria and Other Life Lessons

I have found that when you have a righteous hangover you learn a lot about yourself as well as the intricacies of your television watching behavior. Due to the delicious drinks at Mi Hacienda, my lack of self control and the great company of Sarah and Amy I caught myself a case of Malaria. I spent today dying in bed and came to a few conclusions...

For instance, my new favorite show is Design Star on HGTV. I watched the first six episode marathon and I am freaking in love with it! The two final contestants are amazing and I am really pulling for David, the finale is next Sunday at 9.

Next, Project Runway...loved the last two seasons but I fell behind with what was up this time around. A four episode catch up has convinced me that I want Uli or Michael to win. It reminds me of people I used to work with in New York.

Ironically enough I am now officially addicted to Intervention. Tonight's episode was a Meth addict who was 24 and had no eyebrows. Heart breaking stuff.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that for the last few years I have claimed that I'm not really into reality TV. After some deep soul searching I can openly say that I have a sick obsession with reality TV. I mean I watch a show where families take their loved ones by storm and check them into rehab. What is wrong with me? Maybe it is the summer line up and lack of new unreality shows, but I would say that today proved my level of watch is directed at about 86% reality shows. I mean, Big Brother makes me laugh, Laguna Beach makes me roll my eyes and Driving Force makes me cringe-all causing enjoyment. Is there some sort of rehab for televisions junkies?Now, that would be a show I would watch.


wrestling kitties said...

I as well was at Mi Hacienda Saturday Night drinking way too many margaritas. (the peach is awesome!)

My favorite thing to do when I am tired after a night of binge drinking is watch movies, I opted for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Even though I slept through parts, it is still a great way to get over any feelings of YUCK!

I too though am normally a huge reality TV fan. Not so much survivor and the bacelor type shows but project runway, miami ink, anything like that! And i too have seen the intervention show and it is crazy how it just sucks you in, it is an amazing show!

Well I hope you are feling better today, yuck!!!

Sarah said...

uh, yeah. the margarita's kicked my ass. I was a mess Sunday - didn't get much of anything done.